Urbainia Trinity NX

About Urbainia Trinity NX – Residential Property In Noida Extension


Trinity evokes an instant feeling of eternal faith, and belonging. The word itself over the years has developed various connotations for different people. To some it is the christian doctrine of the “Holy Trinity”. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost who are “one God in three persons”. The three persons are distinct, yet are one “substance, essence or nature”.

Urbainia Trinity Commercial  Project Name: –

  Trikaya Residences
Troika Commercial Spaces

Too few others, the term Trinity means the timeless Cartier jeweler pieces. Three bands intertwined in harmony, three colors of gold – raised gold for love, yellow gold for fidelity, white gold for friendship. The unique and cosmic trinity bands are to adorn your loved ones, forever. At Urbainia Trinity is the coming together of the three forces that intersect to create life as we live it every day. We spend every day of our entire lives engaged in activities that are part of these three spheres.

Trinity Projects:-

And so at TRINITY-NX We bring you ‘Trikaya Residences’ for your time at home and ‘Troika Commercial Spaces’ that are an amalgamation of work & retail. A unique 10-acre mixed use project, TRINITY-NX is located at the Tech Zone 4, in the heart of Noida Extension.